On Saturday, we ranked the 30 managers based on their perceived job security. One of our most “at-risk” skippers was Joe Maddon of the Chicago Cubs, who is in the final year of his contract. If there have been extension talks between the sides, no word of it has leaked to the public. As such, we believe there’s a fair chance someone else will manage the Cubs next year.

You can count Maddon as one person who disagrees. He talked about his 2020 status with reporters on Sunday, and indicated he expects to return as the Cubs manager for years to come. Here’s what Maddon said when he was asked about how Chicago’s performance over the rest of the year will factor into the organization’s decision, according to Jesse Rogers of ESPN.com:

“I really don’t think it does, at all,” he said. “It has nothing to do with wins and losses. If that’s the case, I would have signed a contract at the end of last season. Our success is pretty good. You can’t just reduce it to wins and losses. That makes no sense at all.”

Look, Maddon has more insight into how these things work than we do. But if nothing that happens the rest of the season will impact his contractual status, then doesn’t that make him less likely to return in 2020? After all, if the Cubs were satisfied with his work as a tactician and as a communicator, wouldn’t they have already signed him to an extension?

Perhaps it’s all part of a drawn out negotiation, with Maddon’s side seeing this as likely his last chance to cash in. But we’re going to remain skeptical until he signs a new deal with the Cubs.