After six years of wearing a helmet that didn’t really match their uniforms, the Minnesota Vikings have finally decided to do something about it. 

In an effort to satisfy all you fashion police out there, the Vikings have decided to slightly change their helmet color for 2019. The team will wear the new helmets for the first time on Friday in New Orleans, when they take on the Saints in their preseason opener. 

The Vikings’ new helmet will be a slightly different shade of purple than their old helmet. 

So how different will things be? 

You can judge for yourself in the picture below. 

The Vikings’ new helmet is on the left.  Twitter/Vikings

The Vikings decided to make the change because in certain lighting situations — most notably on TV — the team’s matte purple helmets didn’t appear to match the purple on the rest of their uniform. To get the problem fixed, the Vikings got in touch with Riddell, who helped them develop a helmet that actually matched their uniform. 

The Vikings have been wearing their mismatched helmet since April 2013 when they unveiled a new look, which came one year after Nike became the NFL’s official uniform supplier. Although you may not have noticed that the helmet didn’t match the rest of the uniform, Vikings fans definitely took notice. Over the past six years, Vikings fans have complained multiple times about that exact issue

The good news for the Vikings is the new helmet should end all fashion complaints that anyone has about the team. The bad news for the Vikings is that the new helmet probably isn’t going to help Kirk Cousins solve his biggest problem of training camp: Butt sweat.