The St. Louis Cardinals primary hat logo has remained the same for over five-and-a-half decades, but change is reportedly coming in 2020. This week, we may have gotten a sneak peek at the new(ish) look. 

According to the St. Louis Business Journal, the Cardinals will be using a different STL logo on their hats next season, and the team has already begun using the new logo in graphics shared on the team’s social media channels. However, it’s quite possible that fans may not have even noticed, as the changes are rather subtle.

Here’s the old logo (left) juxtaposed with a mockup of the new one, as provided by


If you’re squinting or attempting to adjust your screen in order to spot the differences, just know you’re probably not alone. The changes don’t exactly hit you over the head. 

The newer logo is a bit skinnier, adds serifs and eliminates sharp edges from the lettering in the STL logo. As a result, the updated version actually comes off as a bit more retro. If the dates were removed from underneath the two logos, you might say the one on the left looks like an updated version of the one on the right — not vice versa. 

However, it’s hard to imagine any Cardinals fans will be up in arms over the switch. Perhaps there was some early concern over the news that the Cards were moving away from their longtime current logo — which, at this point, is an iconic symbol of the city — but the changes coming next year seem to be small enough to keep everyone happy. Or, more realistically, almost everyone.