It was announced Thursday that Major League Baseball will be playing a game at the “Field of Dreams” site next year, with the White Sox and Yankees having the honors of playing at a venue *near* the actual diamond from the movie. 

It’s a cool bit of news, but now we’re left to wonder where we can go from here. What other fictional television and movie settings would make a great host for future games? 

When brainstorming ideas, we were mainly concerned with finding an aesthetic venue with intrigue, but also one that could work logistically. 

There are plenty of options, but here are the ones we decided were most appealing.

The cast of ‘The Sandlot’ 20th Century Fox

The sandlot from “The Sandlot”

Come on, you knew this was coming. 

Hogwarts quidditch pitch from “Harry Potter”

Anywhere on the grounds of Hogwarts would work, but the quidditch stadium seems like the most natural fit. Not opposed to baseball being played in robes or incorporating bludgers, either.

Sakaaran Arena from “Thor: Ragnarok”

Not only is it an incredibly cool looking arena but the added thrill of a Champion of the Arena being unleashed mid-inning is what baseball needs.

Gerald Field from “Hey Arnold!” Nickelodeon

Gerald Field from “Hey Arnold!”

The Vacant Lot is one of the best episodes of “Hey Arnold!” ever, and as a kid there was nothing more I wanted to do than play a game at Gerald Field. Plus, it has the same dimensions as Yankee Stadium!

Wakanda from “Black Panther”

Baseball with ultra-advanced technology in a gorgeous landscape? Sign me up.

Wakanda from ‘Black Panther’ Marvel

The Commune from “Midsommar”

A beautiful location in Sweden to hold a midsummer classic. Bring your friends, just be careful eating the concessions. 

Downton Abbey from “Downton Abbey”

Pretentious but beautiful. Right up baseball’s alley! Maybe it’ll be as crazy as the last time there was an MLB game in London.

Oyster Stadium from “SpongeBob SquarePants”

Oyster Stadium from “Spongebob Squarepants” Nickelodeon

You gonna pass up a baseball game underwater?

Ahch-To from “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”

Luke’s island from TLJ offers spectacular views and some adorable local creatures (let porgs ump the game). Nothing beats watching dingers get hit straight into the ocean.

Pride Rock from “The Lion King”

Would have also accepted the Elephant Graveyard but it turns out Zazoo says we’re not allowed to play there.

The Shire from “The Lord of the Rings”

Shoeless Joe Jackson would have killed to play here.

Got a better idea? You can shoot them our way (, or just send them to Major League Baseball. You never know.