The Yankees played their final game at Camden Yards on Wednesday night and, boy, are they going to miss that place. They’ve already hit five home runs in a game four different times there — that’s a record — and Wednesday added five more. With Gio Urshela’s fifth inning blast, another record was set. 

The record that tweet is referring to is that the Yankees have hit more home runs against the Orioles this season than any team has ever hit against a single opponent in a season. 

Urshela would hit another and Cameron Maybin and Kyle Higashioka would also go yard, meaning it’s up to 52 homers and counting against the Orioles. 

Perhaps the most notable thing here is the Yankees actually have a four-game home series against the Orioles still to come (Aug. 12-14, including a doubleheader). How much more damage are they going to do in those games? Ridiculous. 

As of this writing, the Yankees have a 14-1 lead, so it’s a safe bet they are going to hold on, meaning they will have swept the season in Camden — going 10-0 there. Overall, this win would make the Yankees 13-2 against the Orioles this season and the run differential will be pretty outrageous (it was 104-60 before this game).