Baltimore Orioles outfielder DJ Stewart misjudged a fly ball during Tuesday’s game against the New York Yankees, and it hit him right above the ear as he slid on the field with his glove in the air.


The attempt at a diving catch backfired, and Stewart reacted too early to the hit, sliding before he should have. The 25-year-old left the game with a concussion caused by the mishap. 

He remained in the game for the rest of the half-inning but was removed from play in the bottom of the fourth, replaced by a pinch hitter. The Orioles announced after the game that he had suffered a concussion on the play, which is not surprising when you replay the tape and see just where the ball hit his head. MLB rules state that a player with a concussion must be placed on the seven-day concussion injured list, so Stewart will have some time away from the game. 

The former first-round pick had just been called up from Triple-A Norfolk on Tuesday, marking his second MLB opportunity. His first big league chance came in June, but was cut short by a sprained right ankle from a collision in Texas that caused him to miss three weeks. 

Stewart was hopeful for his major league opportunity before the game saying, “It definitely took longer than I expected. I didn’t think I’d be out that long at all. I’m going to go out there and show what I can do.”

Well, we know how that ends.

The night did not end well for the Orioles, who lost 9-4. The Yankees, who set the MLB single-season home run mark at a visiting ballpark against the Orioles on Monday night, added to their cause with six home runs Tuesday.