Not so long ago (16 games, in fact), the Twins victimized the Yankees for a triple play. On Wednesday, the Twins registered their second triple play of the 2019 season, and again it was a division leader — the Braves — that suffered their defensive wrath (ATL-MIN GameTracker). But wait, that’s not all: Martin Perez was on the mound for both of those triplet killings. Witness: 

Just like the first one, this one was a 5-4-3, and of course it always helps to have the catcher running out of the box in such situations (Tyler Flowers in this instance). According to SABR, the record for triple plays in a season by a single team is three, which is shared by seven different squads. Most recently, the 2016 White Sox joined that elite company. While it’s unlikely the Twins will turn another one this season, it’s of course possible. 

Manager Rocco Baldelli would surely prefer that, you know, Perez and his fellow members of the staff stop loading the bases with no outs, but ours is not a perfect world.