The MLB is set to hold their annual Players’ Weekend at the end of the month and a Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher is using the opportunity to wear a custom glove.

On Tuesday, Joe Musgrove was seen sporting a custom Infinity Gauntlet glove, inspired from the popular ‘Avengers’ movie series.

The glove was designed by local artist Cody Sabol and Musgrove plans to wear it when he starts against the St. Louis Cardinals on Saturday night.

It’s certainly very likely that fans will appreciate Musgrove’s love for the ‘Avengers’ series. The Infinity Gauntlet play a big part in the storylines of  ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and ‘Avengers: End Game.’

For those that are unfamiliar with the series, the Infinity Gauntlet is a glove-like object that can be worn and is the most powerful object in the universe. The Infinity Gauntlet is designed to hold six “Infinity Gems” that give the person wearing it the ability to do anything they want.

Musgrove currently owns a 8-10 record to go along with a 4.69 ERA for a Pirates team that has struggled throughout the second half of the season. The veteran pitcher has surrendered 10 earned runs over his last two starts, so hopefully the glove will be a good luck charm for Musgrove.