The Tampa Bay Rays swept a two-game series against the Miami Marlins over the weekend, but what made headlines was what happened after the final pitch was thrown on Sunday.

Following 7-2 Rays win, Tampa Bay’s Twitter account made reference to a broom since the Rays swept the Marlins. The Marlins’ Twitter account immediately responded by referencing the death of Animal Planet’s Steve Irwin, who was killed by a sting ray in 2006.

The Marlins were fresh off of getting dominated on the field after the Rays outscored them 15-8 over the course of the two-game series. The insensitive tweet made its rounds all over the internet. Former Marlins team president and current CBS Sports HQ baseball analyst David P. Samson weighed in on the social media altercation and recommended that the franchise take a good look at who has the keys to their social media accounts.

On Monday afternoon, the Marlins issued a statement in which they addressed the tweet that referenced Irwin’s death. They called it “regrettable” and said the issue was handled internally. 

Prior to the statement, the Marlins tried to calm the situation down by sending out a tweet in which they apologized for mentioning Irwin’s death.