Daniel Jones is arguably the most polarizing figure in the 2019 NFL Draft class, which was to be expected when the New York Giants drafted him No. 6 overall. Jones is already facing pressure as the heir apparent to Eli Manning, especially since the franchise doesn’t know when he will take over the starting job from the franchise’s all-time passing leader.

During Friday’s practice, Jones threw a 50-yard bomb that landed right into the arms of wide receiver Paul Perkins. The throw eliminated doubts about Jones’s arm strength, which was a question mark at various points throughout the offseason.

Witnessing the throw firsthand, Giants running back Saquon Barkley wasn’t surprised Jones was able to toss a perfect pass. 

“DJ, he’s a player,” Barkley said, per the Giants website. “I know you guys saw that dime over there to Perk (Paul Perkins), who made an unbelievable catch, but you can see he’s getting a lot more comfortable, he’s understanding the offense a lot more..I’m excited to see — I know we play soon with our preseason game, and I’m excited to see him in live action.”

Jones has shown the Giants he’s more than a pocket presence as a quarterback, having the ability to scramble and extend the play, something the Giants haven’t had from the quarterback position in years. 

“When you go back and you watch his Duke highlights, there are some games where he took it 50, 60 yards,” Barkley said. “So, you see that he has that in his package, and the versatility, but like I said, he’s been doing a really good job so far and I can’t wait to see him in live action.

The Giants won’t commit to when Jones will take over as the team’s starting quarterback, using the preseason as a measuring stick for his development. Giants head coach Pat Shurmur is keeping everything in-house. 

“He’s on-track to be ready when it’s his time to play,” Shurmur said. “He’s made progress each day. He does something good each day. Now there’s always mistakes each day that he then cleans up. The challenge is to not repeat a mistake. That’s why I’m not really down on once in a while a guy screwing something up, because now that’s something to talk about as you move forward.”