A quick look at the Fenway Park scoreboard from Wednesday night: 

Rick Porcello: 2    Televisions: 0 

Boston Red Sox pitcher Rick Porcello punched two televisions out of frustration during a game against the Tampa Bay Rays. The starter, clearly not happy about giving up one run on two hits in the first inning, took his anger out on the pair of monitors. 

Porcello hit the screens hard enough to break both of them, immediately causing the televisions that Alex Cora and team staff watch to see the bullpen to become unusable. 

After the game, the pitcher apologized for his actions, “Yeah, I hit them. Yeah, sorry, I forgot that I did that. It was a reaction of frustration, it’s not the behavior that I condone, obviously everybody gets frustrated, I kind of wish I did that without cameras being on me.” 

He said the actions were out of character and the moment got away from him. “I apologized to everyone that had to see that, yeah it’s just not behavior that I feel like is representative of me and my personality,” Porcello told reporters. “The frustration got the best of me, so I apologize for that and to anybody that had to watch that.”

Porcello, who ended up allowed six earned runs on nine hits in 5 2/3 innings, and the Red Sox went on to lose 8-5 to the Rays. The two teams are set to face-off again on Thursday, with the Rays looking to close out the series with a sweep and put more distance between themselves and Boston in the AL wild card standings.