On Wednesday, veteran right-handed pitcher Danny Farquhar announced his retirement from playing Major League Baseball. Farquhar, 32, had made just two regular-season appearances this year, both as a member of the New York Yankees‘ Triple-A team. 

Here’s what Farquhar posted on his Instagram:

Farquhar completes his big-league career having appeared in 253 games and compiled a 99 ERA+ and 2.92 strikeout-to-walk ratio. He spent time in the majors with the Toronto Blue Jays, Seattle Mariners, Tampa Bay Rays, and Chicago White Sox.

Farquhar is perhaps best known for suffering an aneurysm following a relief appearance in April 2018. We wrote about his recovery back in the spring:

Farquhar, fortunately, escaped with his life and without lasting damage. He resumed normal household tasks — washing the dishes, doing the laundry — within days of being discharged. Nearly 10 months later, and thanks to the support of his wife (with whom he has three kids) and their families, he’s back to where he was physically — a process that required him to rebuild his strength. “We had to start from square one — band work, balance … I didn’t touch a weight for a couple weeks,” he told CBS Sports. “The first weights were very, very light and it was shocking.” 

Farquhar will join the White Sox as a minor-league pitching instructor, the team announced.