The Major League Baseball trade deadline is just three days away. Beginning this year, all trade activity will end after July 31 — meaning there won’t be countless waiver-wire deals in August. Teams on the bubble, then, are about to have to make some difficult decisions about their seasons: Are they good enough to buy, bad enough to sell, or somewhere in between?

As part of our deadline coverage here at CBS Sports, we’ve decided to rank the 50 best players who could be on the move. We also broke down lists for of the top 10 pitchers and top 10 hitters on the block. Before we get to the main event, do note that we acknowledge this is more of an art than a science. We don’t know who will be on the move with great accuracy. We’re working off our best guesses — which are informed by what we’re hearing from sources. 

Our rule of thumb was to include anyone we felt had at least a 25 percent chance of being dealt. Why 25 percent? Folks, do you want to be distracted from society’s horrors by a meaningless exercise or do you want to ask questions about arbitrary thresholds? We thought so. 

As for the rankings themselves, they’re objective. You’ll notice some clusters of similar players. You can almost always flip flop those players if you so desire. We won’t mind.

Now, onward.

Where will some of the biggest names on the trading block end up? Our experts at Sportsline have the odds on who Noah Syndergaard, Madison Bumgarner and more will be playing for on Aug. 1.

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