The final major tournament of the 2019 golf calendar is in the books and Shane Lowry is your Open champion. It’s a relatively unexpected and emotional result, but it’s not a particularly exciting one. 

At least that was the case made by Danny Kanell and Raja Bell on Monday’s episode of “Kanell & Bell,” during which the pair recapped the weekend’s tournament and the end result. They recognized that Lowry has a great story of personal redemption, but said the final few days and the end result didn’t really move the needle too much for the sport. 

How come? 

Well, for one — a lack of Tiger Woods.  

“One big reason it wasn’t electrifying or there wasn’t much interest is because Tiger Woods didn’t make the cut,” said Kanell. 

Of course, Tiger’s the biggest superstar on the golf circuit and his presence always makes things a bit more interesting, but he’s had a pretty unspectacular run of late, and Kanell thinks he needs to change the way he approaches the schedule if he wants to fare better in big events down the line.

“Here’s the thing with Tiger… I think he needs to do exactly what Brooks Koepka is doing. I think Koepka has given Tiger Woods a blueprint for how he should handle his career from this moment forward ” said Kanell. “[Koepka says] ‘I don’t give a crap about anything except the majors. I will play in some of the events I have to maintain my PGA Tour status to make sure I can make the FedEx Cup and play in the playoffs, but I’m going to use those regular season events as my practice and I’m going to go all-in on the majors.'”

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