This is what happens when a portly Irishman wins the Open Championship. Shane Lowry partied into the evening on Sunday after taking the Claret Jug by six over Tommy Fleetwood at Royal Portrush in the afternoon for his first major championship.

It’s not like we weren’t warned. As Ryan Lavner wrote for Golf Channel, those in Lowry’s circle hollered before they left the grounds, “We’re driving down to Dublin, and we’re going to f—ing party.”

That they did as Lowry climbed above the rest and belted into the Irish night. And how could you not? This is (and probably always will be) the biggest achievement of his career. 

This is why I wrote what I did on Sunday — that this was my favorite golf moment of the year, even beyond what Tiger Woods did at Augusta National in April. Because Lowry is inconspicuous enough to celebrate in public, he gets to go out and have the night of his life following the day of his life. There is true joy in getting to put away an evening with your mates and your team after taking the tournament everyone from your country dreams about taking.

So maybe Lowry will win other tournaments in his career, and maybe even another major (even an Open!), but it will never quite feel like it felt on Sunday evening as the beer sloshed and the music banged on the island where he grew up and the island where he took an Open.