It seems as though a majority of stories involving baseball fans chasing a rogue foul ball in the stands end the same way: With one party being overly aggressive and leaving the other party upset and empty-handed. Often times we see adults battling children for a souvenir, and that’s particularly sad. 

Have no fear, though, this is not one of those stories. 

Instead, this story features children being nice to one another. In Philadelphia, of all places. What a plot twist!

During Wednesday’s Phillies-Dodgers game, a foul ball was knocked into a rather vacant section of the stands at Citizens Bank Park. A couple of youngsters went to go retrieve it and a young man — we’ll call him ‘Red Shirt Kid’ — beat another, ‘Blue Shirt Kid’, to the ball. 

Normally, you’d expect an excited young baseball fan to hold onto that souvenir for dear life, bowling over any other vulturous children he needs to in order to get back to his seat. I mean, he won the race fair and square, right?

But it appears that Red Shirt Kid is a kind and generous soul, as he immediately turned around and gave the ball to Blue Shirt Kid, who was next in line. That made Blue Shirt Kid very happy and the two shared a hug before they returned to their respective seats. 

The reaction from the commentary team says it all.

“Oh my god, I think we can go home now,” one announcer said. 

“Yeah, we’ve seen everything,” replied the other.

Your guess is as good as mine as to how in the world this went down as heartwarmingly as it did, but it seems like there’s been a glitch in the matrix somewhere. Did we mention this happened in PHILADELPHIA? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills, and it seems as though I’m not alone. 

This guy knows what I’m talking about:


In any case, these are good kids creating good content. Enjoy it while it lasts.