It was a forgettable night for the Los Angeles Angels at home on Thursday night, with the Houston Astros dominating in an 11-2 rout to open a three-game series. However, Justin Upton’s outfield blunder will surely be remembered.

The four-time All-Star was 2-for-4 at the plate against the Astros, but he caught the most attention when he misplayed a first-inning shot from Alex Bregman. He jumped at the wall in center field, only to have the ball drop squarely on the warning track several feet in front of it.

To give Upton some credit, Bregman did put some power behind the 1-0 swing and the batter himself took a long, hard look at the hit before making his way down the first-base line. Upton apparently either fell for the infield body language or just flat-out misjudged the fly ball, looking and running before ultimately turning his back to catapult toward the wall.

Jose Altuve, who was on second base, went on to score as Bregman wound up at second after Angels center fielder Brian Goodwin corralled the wayward ball. Upton, meanwhile, was so far off on his evaluation of the deep shot that scorers had no choice but to award Bregman the double.

The 31-year-old Upton has two errors this season but leads all active outfielders with 82 throughout his career.