Did you know that the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing mission is coming up? No? Well, guess who did…Royals manager Ned Yost. 

You want to know why Yost knew about it? Because he’s apparently a major space nerd who is absolutely in love with space, enough to the point where it seems like it probably bums him out when he lays his head on his pillow every night and remembers he’s not an astronaut.

So go ahead and guess who was absolutely ready to talk about the Apollo 11 when asked about it during a press conference this week? That’s right…Ned Yost, space nerd extraordinaire. 

“Do you even know what a 1202 program alarm is? Okay, well then you don’t know anything about the space landing,” said smarty pants space know-it-all Yost. “I know just about everything there is to know about it. I love it. I watched it. If I could go tomorrow, I’d go.”

He continued to just dunk on reporter Cody Tapp, who at this point probably realized he had opened up a whole can of worms and there was no going back. Well, buckle up, Cody, because Yost is ready to explain the most.

“A 1202 program alarm, Cody, was when they came apart, the LEM and the command module, then they started their burn to land on the moon. Well Buzz Aldrin, who was the LEM pilot, thought it was very beneficial to keep the rendezvous radar on, and the landing radar on. But at that time, the computers in Apollo 11—you have more computing power, probably by 20, in your cell phone—it overloaded the computer, and it gave a 1202 program alarm. And everybody panicked, ‘What is it? What’s a 1202? Is it going to be a fatal alarm? Are they gonna have to abort?’

And somebody in the backroom all of a sudden remembered what a 1202 was, and they said, ‘We’ll go on that, as long as it doesn’t continue to pop up.’ And they hit the button to take it off, they had one more 1202 alarm and a 1201 alarm, which was all the same before they finally landed. But it was all revolving around the radar landing and the rendezvous landing. Now what else do you want to know about it?”

The Royals are currently just two games above the basement of the AL Central. What are the odds Ned Yost tanks the rest of this season so he can get fired and have an excuse to strap himself into his homemade rocket and finally go to space? Seems like a non-zero chance.