Devin Hester may not be the fastest one in his family for very long. His son making some serious gains on the football field.

On Sunday, Hester took to Instagram to share a video of his son, Dray, playing flag football at the Top 100 Central Florida camp. 

“Great day Dray at Top 100 central Florida camp, all your hard work is starting to pay off. Now we see what you can do, but for me my job is to make sure the next time you see him. It’s a lot better then the first…..” he wrote, accompanied with a video of his son breaking ankles on the field.

Dray looked Devin Hester-like with his jukes as he headed for the end zone, and seems to be taking tips from his father. 

Raven’s quarterback Lamar Jackson commented on the video writing, “This man out there playing with them kidz with his daddy’s speed.”

Hester’s son may have a while until he catches up with his father, who is arguably one of the greatest kick returners in NFL history, but he is clearly no rookie when it comes to dodging defenders. 

Hester retired from the NFL in April of 2018, ending his career with 3,695 punt return yards, 7,333 kick return yards and 19 kick return touchdowns. Hester played the majority of his NFL career with the Chicago Bears, but spent some time with the Atlanta Falcons, Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens