The New York Yankees had some unexpected visitors on Monday afternoon when a swarm of bees arrived at Yankee Stadium. 

25,000 bees made their way to the home of the Bronx Bombers, swarming into the outfield. The NYPD were called and their two-man beekeeping unit removed the swarm safely, relocating the insects, after the bees lingered near Monument Park.

The “NYPD Bees” have their own Twitter account, and yes it’s verified, and the elite insect removal unit informed the club that they were ready to help in the Yankees’ time of need. 

Fans were happy with the team for relocating the bees in a safe way. One person posted on Twitter, “I’d like to thank @Yankees for being such a classy organization for calling a beekeeper to come in and safely remove the honeybees and having them relocated. #mlb #Yankees #nypdbees #beekeeping.”

Last month the NYPD beekeepers spoke out against the actions of the San Diego Padres for killing a swarm of bees rather than relocating them. 

They told the MLB that every stadium should be ready for something like a bee swarm saying, “@MLB please have each park have a beekeeper’s number on file for instances like this,” they added.

The NYPD’s bee team, who are the A-team when it comes to safely getting rid of bee swarms and other insects, was created when the city legalized urban beekeeping in 2010.

The two-man bee team even have their own “response mobile”.