The Dodgers hit four home runs at Fenway Park on Saturday night on their way to an 11-2 romp over the Red Sox (box score). One of those home runs belonged to All-Star outfielder Cody Bellinger, who was also celebrating his 24th birthday: 

Yes, he jumped all over that Steven Wright knuckleball for home run No. 31 on the season. That ties him for the moment with Christian Yelich of the Brewers for the major-league lead (Mike Trout and Pete Alonso are each at 30). Yelich is of course the reigning NL MVP, but Bellinger right now bests him in OPS+ and WAR. Framed another way, Bellinger is slashing .338/.433/.695, and Yelich — despite playing in a much easier home ballpark for hitters — is roughly the same at .328/.429/.701. So is Bellinger in line to topple Yelich as MVP in the senior circuit? Let’s allow some Fenway-goers to have their say: 


Hey, the Dodgers (narrowly) have the best record in baseball and are a national brand, so it’s not necessarily surprising that they have plenty of rooters show up at a World Series rematch on a weekend night. Normally, though, it’s the Red Sox who are taking over the home team’s yard. Anyhow, if paces hold, then those MVP chants for Bellinger will likely wind up being true.