We have a new fan trend for when player get traded, and it’s not burning jerseys. People are thanking players for all they have given to their team and city in a different way now: by hanging their jerseys in the “rafters.” 

Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul are swapping places, with Paul heading to OKC and Westbrook leaving the Thunder for the Rockets. With this trade news dropping on Thursday night, Oklahoma City fans are still in the early stages of mourning.

The Sarah McLachlan music really completes the mood, and it seems like Russ fans everywhere will have the song on repeat in their heads this weekend.

Westbrook even liked the video, which was reposted to Instagram.

Westbrook was signed by the Seattle SuperSonics in 2008, and the team became the Oklahoma City Thunder just days later. He has played his entire career with OKC and was named NBA MVP in 2018. Thunder fans have not known a world without Westbrook on their team in eleven years, many aren’t taking the news well. 

This trend of fans ‘retiring’ jerseys in their own homes began earlier in July when Kawhi Leonard was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers

NBA Twitter is known for their dramatics and these videos are no exception. 




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