Being an NFL quarterback is a tough job, but you know what else is a tough job? Being the guy on Twitter who is fearless enough to ask the tough questions.

Fortunately, we are all blessed to be in the presence of a man who can perform both tasks. In season, Jacoby Brissett is a backup quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts. He’s just a year removed from starting 15 games for Indy as Andrew Luck recovered from his seemingly never-ending shoulder ailment. Brissett was a serviceable QB, throwing 13 TDs against seven interceptions with a QB rating of 81.7. 

But in the offseason, Jacoby Brissett is a thinker ready to ask the questions that nobody else will. 

Such as…


And don’t forget…

Of course, whenever you ask questions on Twitter, you’re bound to get replies from people who think they’ve got all the answers. However, Brissett is also ready to provide responses that will make you question and evaluate how much you actually know.

No offense to his Jacoby The Quarterback but it may be time to hang up the cleats and consider a full-time life as Jacoby The Philosophizer. Sports seem pretty trivial and meaningless in the grand scheme of things, and there are so many questions still left to be answered in so little time. 

We need a Jacoby Brissett game show or — wait…

Yeah, that’s the one.



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