On Saturday in Houston (LAA-HOU GameTracker), Angels’ left-hander Andrew Heaney made his first start since the tragic and untimely death of his teammate Tyler Skaggs on Monday. Heaney and Skaggs had been teammates and members of the Angel rotation together since 2015, and Heaney is of course still deep in the grieving process. 

To honor his friend, Heaney before his start against Astros scrawled something on the mound:

And then with his first pitch, Heaney uncorked Skaggs’ signature slow overhand curve: 

Here’s a side-by-side look: 

Heaney throws a curve of his own, but it’s not particularly similar to Skaggs’. This may wind up being the most memorable pitch of his career, and it wasn’t even his own. It’s a simple tribute of which Heaney’s friend would surely approve.