Every Major League Baseball season comes with a ridiculous amount of travel, but the Red Sox and Yankees are logging a few extra air miles this season thanks to a special two-game set in London. 

For the Red Sox, those extra miles came in extremely luxurious fashion on Wednesday, as the team traveled to England in one of the most high-class planes that you’ll find. The Sox hopped the pond in a Crystal Skye Boeing 777, which is considered to be the largest, most luxurious charter jet in the world. Not surprisingly, it’s also one of the most expensive. 

The jet features a full bar, a dining room with tables and couches, and a passenger cabin with 88 seats that recline to a full-flat position. Each seat comes with a 24-inch touchscreen display for all your entertainment needs.

Those traveling with the Red Sox to London seemed to enjoy themselves while aboard.

Pro sports teams tend to travel pretty comfortably no matter where they’re going, but this is a little something extra for Boston. I guess these are the perks you can enjoy when your club is one of the most profitable in the league and also the reigning World Series champs. 

Even for someone who hates flying, a six-hour flight might not be enough to fully take in how sweet this jet is.