The Montreal Expos will finally soon be returning to Major League Baseball … kind of.

The team may not be making a full comeback in Montreal, but the Washington Nationals will be bringing back the extinct club’s classic look for at least one game. According to the Washington Post, the Nationals will be wearing throwback Expos uniforms for their game against the Kansas City Royals on July 6. 

The Nats will borrow a look from 1969, the Expos’ inaugural season, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the franchise. The uniform features a powder blue jersey on top of matching powder blue pants, topped off with with a tri-colored hat.

Here’s a look at the uniform in action:

Montreal Expos v New York Mets
Getty Images

This is the first time that the Nationals will wear an Expos throwback since the franchise was relocated to Washington before the 2005 season. The Nats have previously embraced throwback uniforms from the Washington Senators and Homestead Grays, but never the Expos.

Much like the Carolina Hurricanes’ decision to wear Hartford Whalers throwbacks in the NHL this past season, there may be some push-back from those who believe teams shouldn’t wear the logos and uniforms of teams that they’ve “stolen” from other cities. The Hurricanes’ decision to channel the Whalers was seen by many as the desecration of a grave and a shameless ploy to drum up merchandise sales. 

However, there will be a wide-ranging throwback theme to the July 6 game. The Royals will also wear retro unis from their inaugural 1969 season, and the music selections at the ballpark will be from that era as well. 

Beyond just the uniforms, the Nationals also plan to honor the history and culture of the Expos. Hall of Famer and Expos legend Vladimir Guerrero will be in attendance for a special ceremony, and Nationals Park will be selling specialty Canadian concessions — yes, including poutine.

With the recent rumblings of the Rays possibly exploring a split season between Tampa Bay and Montreal, the idea of the Expos making a comeback has been on a lot of minds. This throwback game won’t really count as that, but it could be a start — or at least a fun reason to pretend for a day.