It was only a couple weeks ago the Atlanta Braves had a benches-clearing incident with the Pittsburgh Pirates. On Monday, the Braves got into it with a different National League Central team, with pitcher Julio Teheran and catcher Tyler Flowers taking issue with Cubs backstop Willson Contreras following his solo home run in the bottom of the second inning.

Here’s a look at the home run — pay attention to Contreras, who appears to say something to Flowers on his way out of the batter’s box before pointing at Atlanta’s dugout as he rounds first:

And here’s Contreras and Flowers (among others) bickering once the run scored:

Just a guess, but we don’t think Contreras was complimenting Flowers on his 114 OPS+.

Thankfully, no one threw any hands or feet or equipment, and no one was ejected from the game. It’s not clear what Contreras said or what caused him to say it. But, as is often the case, the entire hubbub is likely an overreaction. 

Here’s hoping both sides realize as much before resorting to a beanball war or some other adjacent nonsense.