No one would’ve blamed Bears coach Matt Nagy if he would have burned all the film from Chicago’s January playoff loss to Philadelphia. After all, it was one of most excruciating playoff losses in Bears’ history. 

As it turns out though, Nagy didn’t burn the film, and we know that, because he apparently makes the entire team watch it all the time. At least that’s the word from Bears running back Tarik Cohen, who revealed Nagy’s interesting motivational strategy during a recent interview on Sirius XM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio

“Coach Nagy won’t let us forget it,” Cohen said of the loss. “He shows us what happened often so that we continue to be driven by that. He’ll show it throughout team meetings that we have in the mornings, so the whole team can see it.”

Although most Bears fans have probably been doing everything they can this offseason to forget the 16-15 loss, that’s not Nagy’s style. Instead, the Bears coach has basically been showing the end of the game on repeat every morning. 

“He just shows us the last seconds of the game,” Cohen said. “He shows us the crowd’s reaction, our reactions from the sideline, and he just tells us, ‘never forget that hurt,’ you know, and that we want to get back to that place and have a different outcome, so that drives us and motivates us to get through practice every day.”

Although it’s easy to blame the loss on Cody Parkey, Cohen explained that it was a team shortcoming. Sure, Parkey missed a 43-yard field goal in the waning seconds that was tipped by the Eagles and double-doinked off the uprights, but there were plenty of other mistakes in the game. For instance, Parkey would have never been in that situation if the Bears vaunted defense didn’t surrender a touchdown to the Eagles on a fourth-and-goal play with just 56 seconds left to play. That touchdown came after the Eagles were able to put together a 12-play, 60-yard drive. 

“We definitely had a shortcoming,” Cohen said. “We feel like we’re a better team and we could’ve went farther into the playoffs, but that’s definitely driving us this year.”

It’s probably a good thing that Nagy has been showing the playoff loss for most of the offseason, and that’s because the Bears were going to be constantly reminded of it at practice anyway, due to the fact that they’re currently holding a kicking competition to find Parkey’s replacement. Apparently, that kicking competition has been almost as painful to watch as Parkey’s miss.