The Padres on Wednesday are going for a sweep of the Brewers (GameTracker) and also trying to get back above the .500 mark for the season. In the service of those goals, Padres third baseman Manny Machado hit a ball hard and also far — 403 feet, to be exact. It looked like a home run off the bat and when it came into contact with the top of the left-field wall. Alas and alack, things were not as they seemed: 

The Petco Park ground rules don’t directly address what happened above, but in the absence of a yellow line on the fence (if a ball lands above such a yellow line, it’s a home run) the top of the fence is treated like the front of the fence — i.e., balls that bounce off of it an onto the field are in play. 

Machado left the box under a state of assumption, and at first base Eric Hosmer proceeded similarly. Credit to Milwaukee’s Lorenzo Cain in center and cutoff man Orlando Arcia for treating the ball as what it was — i.e., a live ball. They were able to cut down Hosmer before he jogged into third base. Machado advanced to second base on the throw, but because Hosmer failed to advance two bases, Machado was given a single. Machado figured out what was going on before Hosmer did and probably deserved a double. Hosmer, though, didn’t allow that to happen. 

Fernando Tatis, who’d been on third, came home to score, which at the time gave the Padres a 3-1 lead. Better baserunning, though, could’ve given the Padres runners at second and third with one out and Hunter Renfroe and his 23 home runs at the plate. Things as they were, though, Renfroe popped out for the final out of the inning, and the Padres missed a chance to put a crooked number on the board for the frame. 

As for Machado, he continues his trend of hitting the ball hard lately, and his slash line for the season — his first as a Padre — is now up to .268/.347/.467 with 14 home runs in 73 games.