The Cardinals blanked the visiting Marlins on Monday night (STL 5, MIA 0) and in doing so won for the sixth time in their past eight games. Miles Mikolas twirled six shutout innings, and Matt Carpenter registered three hits. 

The most compelling of those three hits was not Carpenter’s 10th home run of the season. Rather it was this fifth-inning, um, “double”:

Yes, the Marlins confronted the lefty-hitting stalwart with a infield overshift, and Carpenter busted out some game theory for a double — a bunt double. That ringing two-bagger left the bat at a robust 38 mph. Also credit Carpenter for the hustle and calculated risk that allowed him to reach second.

Once every so often you see this kind of thing. If for no other reason, the shift should not be banned because it very occasionally begets just such a baseball miracle. Take away our bunt doubles at your own peril, Manfred.