Major League Baseball’s 2019 first-year player draft ended a week ago. Already, we’ve covered the top candidates to go first overall in next June’s draft. Today, let’s check in on the teams that have the best chance at possessing that selection when the time comes in about 51 weeks.

The draft order is by and large determined by record. There are exceptions, of course. Some teams gain extra picks through free-agent compensation, or because of their market size. Others, like the Boston Red Sox this year, have their picks pushed back because they went too far over the salary cap — er, the competitive balance tax.

With that in mind, take a look at the teams with the five worst records in baseball through Tuesday. Note that all of the teams presented here are on pace to lose more than 100 games:

Now, a quick note on each of the five teams.

Race for the No. 1 pick

For more on who these teams are jockeying for the chance to select, remember to check out our preview of the top of the 2020 draft class.