Countless people around — and even outside of — baseball have chimed in with well wishes for Red Sox legend David Ortiz, who is in Boston recovering from a gunshot wound suffered Sunday in the Dominican Republic.

Few have offered thoughts as heartfelt, however, as Pedro Martinez, the three-time Cy Young winner who spent seven years with the Red Sox and two alongside “Big Papi” in Boston.

Appearing on MLB Network on Monday night to discuss the shooting, Martinez had to fight back tears while describing his friend, who was the victim of an apparent ambush in a hometown club over the weekend.

“David has been a strong-hearted person, someone that’s used to perseverance, a great role model to society, to baseball — in general, as a human being,” Martinez said. “I don’t have enough words to describe who David is, what David means to baseball. But I’m so disappointed to know that someone like David, who saved so many lives, can have someone after his life.”

Pausing to wipe away tears, he continued:

“I’m sorry, but it hurts me. It hurts me. A guy that saves lives and … reaches a level that everybody that works, everybody that goes out there every day, wants to reach. To be a role model, to be that person everybody wants to see and wants to hug. To see someone want to take his life away in such a [cowardly] way, it bothers me. It bothers me deeply. And I feel for David like a brother, like a family member, like a colleague, like a teammate. And my relationship, I know, is beyond what everybody else gets, but I just can’t take it. My heart is with David, with his family … there’s no place or space to have that against anybody’s life.”