Tuesday night’s game between the Red Sox and Rangers at Fenway Park was basically a clinic in weird baseball. It saw a starter need more than 70 pitches to get through three innings. It saw both managers get ejected. It saw an inside-the-park home run, and a pretty bizarre one at that.

Rangers outfielder Hunter Pence kept a two-run homer in the yard during the sixth inning, but it wasn’t a particularly high-stress inside-the-park dinger. Those typically feature a close play at the plate, but this one failed to have an outfielder even challenge the runner.

It happened when Pence smacked a ball to right field that was totally misplayed by Brock Holt, who ran into the corner wall as he attempted to make a heroic catch. After whiffing on that attempt, Holt just watched the baseball carom off the wall near Pesky’s Pole and roll to the 380 sign on the outfield fence. Meanwhile, Pence just cruised to an easy four-bagger.

In fact, Pence crossed home plate before a Red Sox outfielder even picked up the baseball. Mookie Betts eventually retrieved the ball but by then the runs were already on the board.

It’s likely Pence would have rounded the bases no matter what happened after Holt’s egregious misplay, but the general apathy surrounding the entire sequence was quite remarkable.