The Yankees fell to the Indians on Saturday (CLE 8, NYY 4), and along the way New York outfielder Brett Gardner endured an 0 for 4 day at the plate. Following one particularly frustrating out, Gardner, in keeping with ancient tradition, responded to unfavorable sports outcomes by assaulting an inanimate object — his batting helmet, in this case. As you’re about to see, the batting helmet won the fight for which it did not ask: 


Blood — first blood — hath been drawn. Those are the immediate ramifications of Gardner’s actions. Now for those of the near- to mid-term: 


Going without a touch of lidocaine seems an unnecessary bit of self-flagellation on Gardner’s part, but doubling up on consequences can really impart a life lesson. 

People, even when we win a fight with an inanimate object, we lose. Yet we fight on. There’s some nobility in there if you squint.