The Dodgers beat the Giants in San Francisco Sunday afternoon in a fast, 1-0 game. Both pitchers were brilliant, with the only blemish being Max Muncy taking Madison Bumgarner deep in the first inning. Given that it was a long home run where the batter watched it for a quick second or two and that it was the overly intense Bumgarner, the tempers flaring part wasn’t all too surprising: 

That wasn’t even really an egregious look by Muncy, but, as noted, it’s Bumgarner. As he says after the game, that’s just how he is: 

I would say something like “fair enough,” but there’s a gap there. He’s saying to let him be and I agree with that, but he’s not letting Muncy be himself. He didn’t let Muncy do his thing. He threw a temper tantrum about it. There’s a level of hypocrisy in that. 

Regardless, Muncy beat him on the field and destroyed him with this interview: 

For those who don’t want to watch and listen, here’s the winning quote: 

“He yelled at me, he said ‘don’t watch the ball, you run.’ I just responded back, ‘if you don’t want me to watch the ball, you can go get it out of the ocean.'” 


As always, if you, a major-league pitcher, don’t want to see how a player reacts to hitting a home run, don’t give up a home run.