This year’s Father’s Day Gift Guide is maybe a little shorter than in years past, but it’s still packed with a ton of great stuff. From a guys trip to, you know, what you’re going to wear and swing when you’re on that guys trip, we have it all in the photos and links below. Hope you enjoy!

GolfTec Evaluation/Lessons (As low as $95 | GolfTec): This one is first because I liked it the most, and it was the most helpful. The feedback I got about my swing made sense, and the instructor I had was able to break down my move on video in a way I had never seen it before. Also, the first time I went back out to play, I hit the ball a lot better than I had all year. I could not more highly recommend at the very least getting a swing evaluation and even moving into lessons from there.


Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal irons ($1,000 | Mizuno): I really love these irons. I’d never really been fitted for clubs before so to get the right length, right grip size and proper shaft into an already-amazing iron has been a revelation for me. Now I just need to figure out my short game.


Under Armour Spieth 3s ($200 | UA): I’ve tried all the Spieth signature shoes thus far, and these are easily my favorites. I liked the first two, but the lightness and flexibility of these is off the charts. If you’ve worn Spieths before and liked them, it’s hard to explain how much more you’ll like these. A great combination of durability but athleticism and great feel.


Pinehurst Resort Experience (rates as low as $1,000): What can I say that hasn’t already been said? I’m not a huge “go to resorts with your pals and play 96 holes in three days” guy, but my experience at Pinehurst with good friends was incredible. We played No. 2, No. 4 and the par-3 course, the Cradle. That might have been the order in which I enjoyed them as well. 

Pinehurst is great for a few reasons — primarily because its courses are great but also because there are periods of the day when you hit that sweet spot where the sunset (or sunrise) meets the tranquility of their 18-hole putting green or bounces off the back end of the Cradle. With a beer in one hand, a club in the other and good buddies to share it with, well, there’s not much better than that in all of golf.

Donald Ross package | U.S. Am packageFather’s Day package  

LinkSoul Crew Sweater ($110 | LinkSoul): I’ve been a big fan of the crew seater look over the last year, and LinkSoul makes a great product in this category. I can wear it when I’m playing, but it’s also sharp enough to wear while I’m writing and reporting at events. Thumbs up in every color.


Rocket Tour Head Cover ($45 | Rocket Head): You thought I wasn’t going to include an orange and black head cover for my 3-wood? Come on, do you even know me? Rocket Tour makes loads of head covers so they likely have your school covered as well. Great, high-quality product and they look awesome on my sticks.


Vineyard Vines 17 Mile Performance Vest ($168 | Vineyard Vines): This vest is part of the Jim Nantz Collection, and it’s as smooth as Jim’s voice on the weekend at a major. Not only is it sturdy and lightweight, but it’s water resistant and looks clean as both part of your rain gear or separate from it. If this is what the entire Nantz collection is like, I’m subscribed.


Bushnell Pro XE ($549 | Bushnell): If you can swing it, Bushnell makes the best products, hands down. Their most advanced rangefinder yet calculates yardage, slope, barometric pressure and temperature and spits out a “play to” number so can get the right distance even if you aren’t playing with Bryson DeChambeau. I also love that it’s magnetic so you can stick it to your golf care while you’re playing.


Old American Golf Club ($125 | OA): If you’re looking more local (for my DFW folks) or just passing through the area, it doesn’t get much better than Old American. I love playing here, and my favorite part of the course is how they just sort of let the native areas dictate how holes were built and how they flow. Everything feels natural, and the course can be both easy and difficult to play depending on the weather. I love it.


ECCO S-Lite Golf Shoes ($160 | ECCO): There’s nothing more comfortable than an ECCO golf shoe, and I love the simplicity and modernity of their new S-Lite product line. They look sleek enough to wear off the course but are stable and lightweight enough to walk 18 or even 36 in. 


Straight Down Delta Vest ($90 | Straight Down): I’ve worn this vest a lot over the past year or so and mostly off the course. It’s comfortable, warm, looks awesome and has mostly been my go-to when pairing with polos or even long-sleeve shirts. You do have to order a size down with Straight Down, but once you get the right fit, I think you’ll love the product.