Former Red Sox superstar David Ortiz was hospitalized to treat injuries sustained via gunshot wound following an incident in the Dominican Republic on Sunday. Ney Aldrin Bautista Almonte, Dominican National police director, announced that Ortiz is in stable condition following emergency surgery.

Ortiz’s father, Leo, confirmed that his son was shot once via Enrique Rojas of ESPN. The bullet penetrated through Ortiz’s back and out of his stomach, according to Marly Rivera of ESPN. Here is what Ortiz’s father told Rojas via telephone immediately after news surfaced that Ortiz had been shot and wounded: 

“They called me to tell me that David is injured and that they took him to a medical center, but they did not tell me how he is or where he was transferred exactly,” Leo Ortiz said by telephone from the Dominican Republic.

There appears to be more positive news at present, regarding Ortiz’s status. 

Hopefully things continue along this path, because “out of danger” was really positive to hear. Ortiz’s brother, Eloy, reportedly told Dominican reporter Dionisio Soldevila that the former Red Sox slugger is “out of surgery and doing well.”  Leo Ortiz told Soldevila that there were no affected organs and a full recovery is expected.   

The incident took place at a lounge in the eastern part of Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. Reports indicate at least one person responsible for the incident is in local police custody. The incident was initially described as a attempted robbery, but security footage surfaced on social media that is alleged to show what appeared to have been an ambush. Jeff Passan of ESPN has more:

Ortiz, 42, was born and raised in Santo Domingo and considered a legendary figure in his native Dominican Republic. His main residence is in the Boston area, but has does charity work and has business interests in his native country. 

Here is what is being reported:

– Ortiz was shot once in the lower back and the bullet went through his abdomen
– Incident took place at a bar/lounge in the Dominican Republic
– He underwent emergency surgery and is doing “fine,” according to his brother Eloy
– He’s considered to be in stable condition, according to one of the doctors and the local police chief
– Doctor at local hospital also said in a press conference that he’s “out of danger
– No organ damage has been reported, per Ortiz’s father 
– The suspect has been apprehended and is in police custody

CBS Sports will continue to update this breaking news story as necessary.