On Friday night in Miami, the Braves opposed the Marlins and starting pitcher Jose Urena (ATL-MIA GameTracker). That’s significant because Ureña last season drilled Braves young phenom Ronald Acuna with the first pitch of his Aug. 16 start. Although Ureña of course denied intent, he was eventually dinged with a suspension by MLB for his actions. The reasonable suspicion is that Ureña threw at Acuña simply because he’d been ritually abusing the Marlins. 

In a sense, the issue was laid to rest when Acuña’s teammate Kevin Gausman was ejected back in May for throwing behind Ureña. All that was left was for Acuña himself to get a little revenge. That happened on Friday evening: 

Not only did Acuña hit a 398-foot, 106.1-mph homer off his nemesis, but he also carried his implement of destruction with him down the basepath before giving it a triumphant flip. Hey, why not revisit that particular flourish: 

The best revenge is living well, and Mr. Acuña just lived well at the expense of Mr. Ureña. 

That was Acuña’s 13th homer of the season, and the 21-year-old future MVP is now batting .288/.371/.488 on the year. As for Ureña, after getting bombed by the Braves his ERA for 2019 now stands at 4.70 after 13 starts.