June is a good month for those who enjoy watching and speculating about baseball’s future. Major League Baseball’s first-year player draft wrapped up Wednesday after stealing headlines on both Monday and Tuesday. Next up, on Friday, the NCAA Baseball Tournament will begin Super Regional play. The teams who win their respective best-of-three series will then move on to the College World Series, which will then determine this year’s national champion.

Because the draft and college baseball are eternally linked, we decided to put together a handy league-wide guide highlighting one player drafted by each team within the top 10 rounds who remains alive in the NCAA Tournament — you know, in case you wanted to tune in to some of the action and get a glimpse of who might on your favorite team in a few years’ time. In the rare cases where the team hadn’t drafted anyone from an active team, we defaulted to the top collegiate player in their class.

Before we get to the players, let’s offer a quick refresher on which teams are playing which in the Super Regionals (you can check out the full bracket by clicking here):

  • LSU vs. Florida State

  • North Carolina vs. Auburn

  • Ole Miss vs. Arkansas

  • Stanford vs. Mississippi State

  • Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma State

  • Louisville vs. Eastern Carolina

  • UCLA vs. Michigan

  • Vanderbilt vs. Duke

Remember, those teams will engage in a best-of-three series, with each of the eight winners advancing to the College World Series.

Got it? Good, now onto the players.