There aren’t many things more enjoyable to watch on a baseball field than a position player getting a chance to pitch on the mound. It’s a somewhat rare occurrence, but it’s always a spectacle to behold. 

But what’s more special than a position player pitching in a game? How about a position player throwing a perfect 1-2-3 inning and having the absolute best time while doing so? 

That was the case with Milwaukee Brewers utility man Hernan Perez, who got a chance to take the bump with his team down 16 runs to the Miami Marlins in the ninth inning Tuesday. Believe it or not, this was Perez’s second appearance on the mound this season and the sixth of his career. 

If his demeanor on the rubber is any indication, he doesn’t seem to be getting tired of these opportunities. Perez decided to get silly and break out various styles of deliveries as he was throwing unhittable 70 mph cheese, including a Johnny Cueto-inspired shimmy and a stiff Bronson Arroyo-style leg kick.

After the game, Perez revealed that YouTube served as his inspiration for the antics. Once he found out he was pitching later in the game, he logged on to do some research and added some tricks to his bag.

As a result, fans were treated to the most entertaining spectacle that a 16-0 blowout in June could ever hope to deliver. Also, Perez was the only Brewers pitcher to not give up a hit Tuesday night, so maybe the rest of the pitching staff should consider referencing YouTube in the future as well.