Major League Baseball’s 2019 amateur draft is underway. The three-day event began Monday night with a live MLB Network broadcast that covered the first round, supplemental first round, competitive balance round A, second round, competitive balance round B, and the supplemental second round. Here is the full 2019 draft order, and we have all of the Day 1 results below.

After losing 115 games in 2018, the Baltimore Orioles held the No. 1 pick in this year’s draft. It is the second time the O’s held the No. 1 pick. They selected Ben McDonald with the top selection back in 1989. On Monday, the Orioles used the No. 1 pick on Oregon State catcher Adley Rutschman. Rutschman is the first catcher selected first overall since Joe Mauer in 2001.

High school shortstop Bobby Witt Jr., the son of longtime big league pitcher Bobby Sr., went to the Royals with the No. 2 pick. The White Sox used the No. 3 pick on Cal masher Andrew Vaughn. Rutschman, Witt, and Vaughn is the strongest top three we’ve seen in the last several drafts. We have full takeaways from Day 1 of the draft, and our best players available for Day 2.

The entire MLB draft covers 40 rounds — it used to be 100 rounds way back in the day — and it’s important to note that every team had a first round pick this year except the Red Sox. Their first round pick was moved back 10 spots (No. 33 to No. 43) as part of the penalties for excessive luxury tax spending last season.

We here at CBS Sports provided instant analysis of all 30 first round picks Monday night, live as the selections were announced. Here is a breakdown of all 32 first round picks in the 2018 draft.

2019 MLB Draft: First Round Analysis

Other Day 1 picks

First Round compensation
No. 33: Arizona Diamondbacks – Brennan Malone, P, IMG Academy
No. 34 Arizona Diamondbacks – Drey Jameson, P, Ball State

Competitive Balance Round A
No. 35: Miami Marlins – Kameron Misner, CF, Missouri
No. 36: Tampa Bay Rays – JJ Goss, P, Cyrpess Ranch HS
No. 37: Pittsburgh Pirates – Sammy Siani, CF, William Penn Charter HS
No. 38: New York Yankees – T.K. Sikkema, P, Missouri
No. 39: Minnesota Twins – Matt Wallner, RF, Southern Miss
No. 40: Tampa Bay Rays – Seth Johnson, P, Campbell University
No. 41: Texas Rangers – Davis Wendzel, 3B, Baylor

Second Round
No. 42: Baltimore Orioles – Gunnar Henderson, SS, John T. Morgan Academy
No. 43: Boston Red Sox – Cameron Cannon, SS, Arizona
No. 44: Kansas City Royals – Brady McConnell, SS, Florida
No. 45: Chicago White Sox – Matthew Thompson, P, Cypress Ranch HS
No. 46: Miami Marlins – Nasim Nunez, SS, Collins Hill HS
No. 47: Detroit Tigers – Nick Quintana, 3B, Arizona
No. 48: San Diego Padres – Joshua Mears, RF, Federal Way HS
No. 49: Cincinnati Reds – Rece Hinds, SS, IMG Academy
No. 50: Texas Rangers – Ryan Garcia, P, UCLA
No. 51: San Francisco Giants – Logan Wyatt, 1B, Louisville
No. 52: Toronto Blue Jays – Kendall Willians, P, IMG Academy
No. 53: New York Mets – Josh Wolf, P, St. Thomas HS
No. 54: Minnesota Twins – Matt Canterino, P, Rice
No. 55: Los Angeles Angels – Kyren Paris, SS, Freedom HS
No. 56: Arizona Diamondbacks – Ryne Nelson, P, Oregon
No. 57: Pittsburgh Pirates – Matt Gorski, CF, Indiana
No. 58: St. Louis Cardinals – Trejyn Fletcher, CF, Deering HS
No. 59: Seattle Mariners – Brandon Williamson, P, TCU
No. 60: Atlanta Braves – Beau Philip, SS, Oregon State
No. 61: Tampa Bay Rays – John Doxakis, P, Texas A&M
No. 62: Colorado Rockies – Aaron Schunk, 3B, Georgia
No. 63: Cleveland Indians – Yordys Valdes, SS, McArthur HS
No. 64: Chicago Cubs – Chas Strumpf, 2B, UCLA
No. 65: Milwaukee Brewers – Antoine Kelly, P, Wabash Valley College
No. 66: Oakland A’s – Tyler Baum, P, North Carolina
No. 67: New York Yankees – Josh Smith, 2B, LSU
No. 68: Houston Astros – Grae Kessinger, SS, Ole Miss
No. 69: Boston Red Sox – Matthew Lugo, SS, Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy

Competitive Balance Round B
No. 70: Kansas City Royals – Alec Marsh, P, Arizona State
No. 71: Baltimore Orioles – Kyle Stowers, OF, Stanford
No. 72: Pittsburgh Pirates – Jard Triolo, 3B, Houston
No. 73: San Diego Padres – Logan Driscoll, C, George Mason
No. 74: Arizona Diamondbacks – Tommy Henry, P, Michigan
No. 75: Arizona Diamondbacks – Dominic Fletcher, OF, Arkansas
No. 76: Seattle Mariners – Isaiah Campbell, P, Arkansas
No. 77: Colorado Rockies – Karl Kauffmann, P, Michigan

Second Round compensation
No. 78: Los Angeles Dodgers – Jimmy Lewis, P, Lake Travis HS

Tuesday, the draft resumes at 1 p.m. ET with Rounds 3-10. Wednesday, Rounds 11-40 take place, starting at noon ET and there is no time between selections. Teams make their picks through a rapid-fire conference call.