If there’s one problem with the internet, it’s that keeping a secret is almost impossible, and the Chicago Bears found that out the hard way over the weekend. 

The Bears are getting ready to celebrate their 100th anniversary season in 2019, so to commemorate the occasion, the team decided that it would wear a new throwback uniform this year. The unveiling of the uniform was supposed to take place on Friday, but thanks to the internet, it appears the new jersey has already leaked out. 

An eagle-eyed Bears fan was at a Dick’s Sporting Goods in Algonquin, Illinois on Saturday when he noticed a Bears uniform that he had never seen before, and that’s when he decided to do what anyone in his situation would do: He tweeted out a picture of the jersey. 

So is this actually the new throwback uniform? If you look at the available evidence, all signs seem to point to yes. 

For one, the Bears have said they’re going to be wearing a throwback and the jersey above is definitely a throwback as the Bears wore that same exact jersey top during the 1936 season. Here’s what the old version looks like next to the new version (via Uni Watch). 

Also, let’s not forget that about the fact that Bears coach Matt Nagy made a somewhat odd comment at the NFL owners meeting in March when he casually mentioned that he’s a big fan of stripes. 

“I love the stripes,” Nagy said. “I love the stripes that we have. I want stripes everywhere.”

At the time, Nagy’s comment seemed to come out of nowhere, but now it seems like he was just giving everyone a small hint about the new uniform. 

The other reason the leaked jersey is likely real is because a striped jersey is basically the only one that makes sense as a throwback for their 100th anniversary season. 

Over the course of their history, the Bears uniforms haven’t really undergone any major changes. Although the team did wear an orange jersey in the 1930s, they honored that era by introducing an orange alternate jersey in the 2000s, which will once again be worn in 2019. In the 1920s, the Bears wore a navy jersey with orange stripes, but it’s unlikely they’d wear that as their throwback jersey this year, because that’s exactly what they did in 1994. 

The Bears wore vertical stripes in 1994.  Getty

The 1936 uniform is one of the only ones left that the team has yet to honor with a throwback. 

To find out for sure whether or not the leaked jersey is real, we’re going to have to wait until June 7, when the team plans to unveil the uniform at a special event. 

The 100th anniversary jersey will be one of four uniforms the Bears will end up wearing this year. Besides the special edition jersey, the team will also be wearing their traditional navy uniform and traditional white uniform, plus the Bears are also planning to wear their alternate orange jersey at some point during the upcoming season.