Major League Baseball’s annual amateur draft is underway.

The three-day event began Monday night with a live MLB Network broadcast that covers the first round, supplemental first round, competitive balance round A, second round, competitive balance round B, and the supplemental second round. When it’s all over, a total of 78 picks will be made. Here is the full 2019 draft orderour final mock draft and the broadcast details for Day 1 of the 2019 MLB draft:

• Date: Monday, June 3
• Time: 7 p.m. ET
• TV: MLB Network
• Streaming:
• Picks: 1-78 (Rounds: 1st, supplemental 1st, competitive balance A, 2nd, competitive balance B, supplemental 2nd)

The entire MLB draft covers 40 regular rounds — it used to be 100 rounds way back in the day — plus several compensation and competitive balance rounds. Three teams hold an extra first round pick this year while one team had their first round pushed back. Here are the details:

  • Braves: Received No. 9 pick as compensation for failing to sign 2018 first rounder Carter Stewart.
  • Diamondbacks: Received No. 26 pick as compensation for failing to sign 2018 first rounder Matt McLain.
  • Dodgers: Received No. 31 pick as compensation for failing to sign 2018 first round J.T. Ginn.
  • Red Sox: Luxury tax penalties pushed their first round pick back 10 spots, from No. 33 to No. 43.

We here at CBS Sports will provide instant analysis of all 32 first round picks, live as the selections are announced. Here is our breakdown of all 32 first round picks in the 2019 draft. Make sure to refresh for updates throughout the night.

2019 MLB Draft: First Round Analysis