Thanks to Mitchell Trubisky, we’re now one step closer to answering the offseason’s most important question: Who’s the best beer-chugging quarterback in the NFC North? 

After watching Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford show off their beer-chugging skills last week, Trubisky decided to get in on the action. 

The Bears quarterback was attending the White Sox home game against the Indians on Friday when the chugging went down. At one point during the game, Trubisky and several teammates were shown on the big screen at Guaranteed Rate Field, and if we’ve learned one thing this offseason, it’s that if you’re shown on the big screen while holding a beer at a professional sporting event, then you have to finish that beer as quickly as possible. 

Here’s what happened when Trubisky was shown on the big screen. 

The best part of that video is probably the fact that the White Sox decided to take a shot at Rodgers, which seems fair, because if we’re ranking beer-chugging quarterbacks in the NFC North, Rodgers is definitely in last place right now.  

Rodgers had some trouble finishing his beer last week when he was shown on television at the NBA’s Eastern Conference Finals in Milwaukee

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was so appalled by Rodgers’ effort that he immediately decided to one-up the Packers quarterback that same night. In a video that was posted to Instagram by Stafford’s wife, Kelly, the Lions quarterback chugged his beer like he was drinking water

Now we just need to see Kirk Cousins chug a beer so we can officially rank the best chugging quarterbacks in the NFC North. 

As for Trubisky, here’s another angle of his beer-chugging, which was shared on Twitter by Bears offensive lineman Kyle Long.

In that video, the first thing you’ll notice is that Long chugs beers like Joey Chestnut eats hot dogs. 

The funniest part of Long’s video is definitely the guy who was basically in shock at how fast Trubisky can drink a beer. 

Mitchell Trubisky’s beer-chugging skills left at least one guy shocked.  Twitter

I don’t think we’re ever going to see that guy challenge Trubisky to a beer-chugging contest. 

The Bears quarterback was at the White Sox game to throw out the first pitch on Friday and since they ended up winning 6-1, it won’t be surprising if he gets invited back later on this season. You can see his first pitch below (and yes, he invited his entire offensive line to stand with him while he threw the pitch).