Although Antonio Brown got traded out of Pittsburgh more than two months ago, it seems that he’s still managing to cause some drama in the Steel City.  

Apparently, Brown hasn’t bothered to mow his lawn a single time since being traded to the Raiders back in March. If you’re scoring at home, that means that lawn has been growing unfettered for more than 75 days.

As you can imagine, Brown’s former neighbors aren’t too thrilled with the fact that his lawn now looks like a small jungle, and one of those neighbors took to Twitter recently to call the receiver out for his unkempt lawn. 

When Brown was traded to Oakland, he signed a restructured contract that included $30 million in guaranteed money, so asking Brown to use some of that money to mow his grass seems like a fair request from the neighbor. 

By the way, the neighbor who sent the tweet is Donald Binotto, who’s basically the king of tuna. Binotto used to serve as the CEO of Starkist before taking a new job in 2015 as as the CEO of Tuna Store and Samoa Tuna Processors for Tri Marine International Incorporated. 

As for Brown’s lawn, it’s apparently gotten completely out of hand. According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the lawn is more than two feet high in multiple spots around the house. After single-handedly torpedoing the Steelers‘ season, Brown is now single-handling torpedoing the home values in his former neighborhood. 

Binotto is so determined to see Brown’s lawn get cut that he actually sent out a second tweet when Brown didn’t respond to the first one. In the second tweet, Binotto tagged Derek Carr, because it appears he wants Derek Carr to mow Brown’s lawn if Brown won’t do it. 

Unfortunately for Binotto, it doesn’t sound like Brown or Carr or anyone associated with the Raiders will be coming out to Pittsburgh to mow the receiver’s lawn. Instead, it appears Brown’s solution to this entire problem is exactly what you’d think it would be: He’s trying to hire someone off Twitter to mow his lawn. 

The moral of the story here seems to be that if your neighbors mow their lawn, then they are better neighbors than Antonio Brown. We’ll be sure to update you and let you know if Brown’s lawn ever actually gets cut. 



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