The Blazers and the Warriors are a fun conference finals matchup on their own merits, but Stephen and Seth Curry facing off only adds to the intrigue. The Curry brothers are guaranteed to be represented in the NBA Finals, and their parents are flipping coins to see who reps who on any given night.

On Tuesday, it was Sonya Curry donning Blazers black, red and white, while Dell put on the Warriors’ colors. Stephen dropped 36 points in 35 minutes, and even though Sonya cheered for him — as one would expect — he was a little weirded out seeing her do it in Blazers gear.

“I caught myself a couple times looking in the stands at my parents — who did the whole coin flip thing — and they can’t help themselves so every time either one of us did something good they both were clapping so they gotta fix themselves,” he said after the game. “I told my mom ‘who you with?’ When I made a shot I saw her stand up and cheer but I saw all Portland gear so it’s just weird.”

Stephen and the Warriors were dominant in Game 1, notching a 116-94 win. C.J. McCollum and Damian Lillard were both held to under 20 points for the first time all postseason. The Blazers need to bounce back in Game 2. Maybe by then the Curry situation will be a little less strange for everyone.



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