Kyler Murray is making quite a splash in the NFL. Without taking a snap, Murray set a record after the draft. His draft helmet, signed with the message “Go Cards,” sold at auction for a record $3,450 — the most a draft helmet has sold for in the league auction, according to USA Today.

Murray is generating a lot of buzz for the Cardinals. The rookie comes in alongside new coach Kliff Kingsbury, who is clearly all-in on his new guy. His arrival meant the departure of last year’s Cardinals first-rounder Josh Rosen to Miami, making the pick a risky one — but apparently someone else out there has a lot of belief in him.

The money from the auction goes back Murray’s alma mater, Allen High School in Texas. Not a bad way to give back to the school where the Heisman trophy winner got his start.

Hopes are high in Arizona this year, though there always are some growing pains expected along the way. With that being said, the hope is that Murray and Kingsbury usher in an era of winning for the Cardinals sooner than later, as they don’t want to be thinking another new quarterback any time soon.



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