After months of speculation around who the Cardinals would select No. 1 overall — including assurances from the team that Rosen was their guy — they went ahead and took Kyler Murray. It comes just a year after they took Josh Rosen 10th overall, and a week after Rosen was with the team in workouts, and he’s clearly unhappy about the move.

Rosen unfollowed the Cardinals’ Instagram in response, because really, what else can a guy on a rookie deal do? The Cardinals are reportedly shopping Rosen, but they didn’t get the first-round pick they wanted.

This tweet will probably get taken down eventually, but having this up alongside their new Twitter name has to be one of the stupidest looks in sports in a while.


There are no good short-term solutions for the Cardinals’ Rosen problem. They either start a disgruntled quarterback, sit a second-year player or trade him for a lot less than they drafted him for a year ago. Rosen’s standing in the NFL is largely unknown for the time being, but he didn’t get much of a shot with Arizona.

The Dolphins, Giants and Redskins all expressed interest, but the latter two teams drafted quarterbacks. That leaves the Dolphins bidding against themselves, so they’ll know that they hold most of the leverage after this bizarre decision by the Cardinals.