After months and months of mock drafts, the end is finally near. The 2019 NFL Draft is right in front of us, so soon we’ll finally be able to break down the actual picks that are made, rather than the theoretical examples we’ve been limited to over the last 360 days or so. 

I’ve banged you over the head with my trade scenarios involving the Raiders moving to No. 1 to take Kyler Murray, but since we’re nearly at the draft and that hasn’t happened, I’m going to go through one mock draft scenario where the Cardinals take Murray at No. 1 and look to trade Josh Rosen. Even so, I think the Raiders are clearly in play for a quarterback, maybe even Dwayne Haskins, but someone beats them to the punch with a trade to No. 3 below.

That team was the Giants in the initial version of this post, but with news that Daniel Snyder is taking over the draft planning for Washington and that Dwayne Haskins could be his target, I’m making a late switch back to Washington moving to No. 3, a trade I had in my seven-round mock draft that originally came out a few weeks back.

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Also in this mock draft, Rashan Gary and D.K. Metcalf fall out of the first round. For the former, I think medical issues could combine with his lack of production to cause teams to shy away from him with their first pick. He could still be in play for a team with multiple first-rounders, but I think there’s also a good chance he lasts until Day 2. As for Metcalf, the fact that he’s not a complete receiver prospect coupled with an incredibly deep selection of potential starters at the position in this class means teams don’t have to reach for him in Round 1. And now for the picks … 

NFL Mock Draft

Round 1