Anyone that has seen Galaxy forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic on the field knows that he is undoubtedly cocky and full of swag. That, combined with his world-class talent, makes him one of the game’s biggest stars. Ibrahimovic certainly seems as if he’s just as caring as he is confident. Before Friday’s match between the Los Angeles Galaxy and the Houston Dynamo, the Swedish star comforted a kid who escorted the players onto the pitch before the game. 

The lucky kid got to be in the front of the line with Ibra and told him he was nervous because it was his first time doing it. 

“Impossible. You’re with me now,” Ibra said. “We do it together. Just enjoy the moment. Enjoy.”

Take a look again (with subtitles):

That’s awesome stuff. I wonder what made him more nervous, though — walking onto the field or being partnered with an icon like Ibrahimovic. Surely it’s a combination of both, but what a cool moment for this kid to remember for years to come. He tells him that they’ll do it together, helping the child feel comforted knowing he has his support. It’s a little life lesson but a lovely gesture from Ibra to put the kid above himself and make sure he was comfortable.